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Transform Your Bedroom.

These gorgeous half moon wall hangings are exactly what your bedroom needs. Stained using red wine and coffee, a great alternative to chemical stains. Plus, if you’ve recently stocked up on groceries, it’s likely at no extra cost to you.
Want to learn how to use natural wood stains?


SAFETY FIRST : Always wear the proper protection for the job. Always follow directions and warnings according to the label. Use only the tools you’re comfortable handling.

  Supplies :  

Wood Circles / Placemats

If you’re not confident in using a jigsaw, you can use circular dining placemats as an alternative. In this case, omit the jigsaw for scissors.
I ordered these  1/4″ wood circles from amazon. It comes with six pieces, but you only need two for this project.


Cream-colored yarn: You can find one similar at your local craft store. 

Multi-colored yarn: On amazon from Lion brand in the color, Chai Latte. They have several fun color varieties for you to choose from. 
Blue yarn: I searched several craft stores for the perfect blue. I found this one at Hobby Lobby and it’s the perfect shade of blue to match the Chai Latte yarn. I Love This Yarn, Dark Country Blue.

Natural Stains (Wine & Coffee)

Natural wood stain is a great, chemical-free alternative to store-bought stain. They are also likely already in your home.

Click to Watch >> DIY Natural Wood Stains – Video


Hot Glue Gun


Jigsaw + T-Shank Blade

You can also use a circular saw. Whatever you are most comfortable cutting your wood with is best. 



TIP: If you only have one circle you can reduce your project to 2 half circles and increase the length of the yarn. Hang it high on the wall and let the yarn hang low to give the illusion of a higher ceiling.

 AFFILIATES: I encourage you to reduce, reuse, & upcycle. But, if you do need to get any of the materials listed I have linked them for you above. I receive a small commission from them and appreciate you using them. I check for good pricing, quality reviews, & quick delivery options for your convenience.

The Inspiration…

When my mom saw the Tree Wall Branch Wall Hanging I did for my Mother-in-law, she asked where hers was. This time I wanted to try something different. I felt inspired to create this after seeing this Wall Hanging on Wayfair selling for $470. Which is crazy to me. Saving money isn’t the only perk though, it’s also completely customizable.


Make it …

STEP #1: 


Cut two of your wood circles in half Using a Jigsaw (you can also use a circular saw).  Next, stain your wood using your coffee and tea stains.  
Click the link below to learn how.
Natural wood stain is a great, chemical-free alternative to store-bought stain. They are also likely already in your home.


STEP #2: 


How long you cut your yarn depends on where you’d like to display your wall hanging. You can be exact with your measurements, but I eyeballed it. You can cut, and even out your yarn once it’s on your wall. Don’t forget to consider that your half circles will add some height to your project. I cut each piece twice the desired length and folded it in half before gluing (see image).
Apply a dab of hot glue to your wood and press the yarn down over top of the glue. Continue this process until completely covered. To achieve a “fuller” look place each piece of yarn as close as possible to the next without overlapping.
Repeat the same process for each half circle.



STEP #3:


Take a piece of yarn or twine and center it on the back of each half-circle. Make sure it is even and hot glue it in place. Now secure your handmade piece of art on your wall with a nail or tack. 
Now you can brag about how you made this gorgeous yarn wall hanging by hand to all your guests.
Give me you’re feedback in the comments below and share your creations with me on Instagram.
Tag me >> @festivebohemian. I’d love to see them and feature them on my page! Thanks 🙂



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