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Blank wall to fill?

Looking to spruce up that blank wall in your living room with some decor ideas? Look no further. This simple, yet elegant, wall hanging will transform your room.  It cost me roughly $45 to create this masterpiece with plenty of supplies to spare. I’m anxious to make some beaded garlands with the leftover beads and twine. So keep an eye out for that and know that you are getting your money’s worth with this project.


SAFETY FIRST:  Always wear the proper protection for the job. Always follow directions and warnings according to the label. Use only the tools you’re comfortable handling.




SANDPAPER (120 - 180 Grit)





(make sure to look for coupons before shopping at JoAnn’s)

hildie & jo Natural Hemp Twine 1 mmx66 yds

hildie & jo 100% Natural Jute Cord 137 yds


COFFEE , TEA & Red Wine





AFFILIATES: I encourage you to reduce, reuse, & upcycle. But, if you do need to get any of the materials listed I have linked them for you above. I receive a small commission from them and appreciate you using them. I check for good pricing, quality reviews, & quick delivery options for your convenience.

From Bare to Brilliant.

My mother-in-law purchased a Condo a few months ago. Recently, she asked for my help in recreating a wall hanging she saw on Pinterest and I was up for the challenge. It took me three days to create this masterpiece and it was worth every second. I invited her over to our place to surprise her with it. I hung it in our dining room and had second thoughts about giving it to her, it looked that good. It’s amazing how a simple piece of wall decor can transform a room. What once was a sad, blank white wall is now the focal point of her entire living space.



STEP #1:


Find a dry, mold-free tree branch. The branch I am using is roughly around 45in long, but the beads are only hanging across the middle 32in.
Remove ALL the bark from the branch using a paint scraper. This is no question the most grueling part, I know, but I promise it’s well worth it. Plus, you’ll get a good arm workout from it. Don’t skip this step. Bugs could be playing hide-and-seek underneath the bark.
Once your branch is completely stripped of bark and clean. Apply your Satin Polyurethane. Follow the product’s instructions when applying. One or two coats of the polyurethane are all you need.

STEP #2:


Use coffee, tea, and old red wine to stain your rings and beads. Click here >> DIY Natural Wood Stains Video if you’d like to learn how I did it.
If you prefer to see a visual representation of what the wall hanging will look like before you assemble it. You can layout your pieces as they dry. (see image)
To achieve a variety of shades with your stains diversify the number of coats per ring or bead applied. (EX: 1/3 beads with 2 coats, 1/3 beads with 3 coats, & 1/3 of the beads have 4 coats).


Chart #1

Use the color coated ring and bead key from Chart #1 to recreate my pattern. Match each letter to the corresponding letter in Chart #2.

Chart #2

STEP #3:


Place your branch on top of two, high back dining room chairs (or similar).
Start by taking the measurements of your tree branch. Locate where you’d like your center string (A) to go and work your way outward (B, C, D). wrap the hemp twine around the branch several times (see picture). Position the twine so that the tail of it is facing downwards.
Secure the tail of your string to the wrapped bit of string with hot glue. If your piece is secure there is no need to glue the cord to the branch. This will also give you the option to make adjustments later on. I prefer the look of using a hot glue gun over tying knots and it also helps save on material.
Thread the first bead and wrap the hemp twine around the first ring 4 times (see picture). Secure it with hot glue and cut. Take the piece of twine you cut and on the bottom of that same ring wrap it around 4 times. Place a bit of glue on the bottom of the ring, string the next bead, pressing it against the bottom of the ring, repeat until complete. I like to apply hot glue on the very tops and bottoms of rings where the ends of the twine can hide under the beads. You can use the glue to also hold your very bottom 2 beads in place.
To hang, you can wrap the jute cord around both ends of your branch and create small loops (see image). Now, cut an extra long piece of your jute and thread it through your loops to create a pulley-like hanging system. 




Share your Thoughts.

Please share your experience below. If you have any questions or suggestions I would love to hear from you. Thanks for sharing, have a beautiful day.


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